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As well as computer related support, we also provide a range of other technology related services to help your business:

Security Systems

It is essential for you to know that your buildings are safe and secure, this is why we provide CCTV and Alarm Systems.

Whether you’re looking to set up a new system or just looking to improve, repair or replace your current system, we can carry this work out.

Our expertise in hardware, security technology and Operating Systems guarantees that you will have a smooth running security system in place.


  • Supply and Installation
  • Servicing of PC based Security Cameras
  • Recommendations for system upgrade and replacement
  • Technical support
  • Maintenance of systems
  • Repair of systems


Enigma I.T. provides and extensive range of telecoms products and services which is evolving with new technology.

We provide:

  • Telephone systems
  • Support and infrastructure
  • Telephone monitoring
  • Internal and external telephone numbers

All to keep you communicating!

Time Attendance Systems

At Enigma I.T. we know how essential it is to keep track of when your employees and entering and leaving the building so we provide Time Attendance systems for your benefit.

The systems we provide have a simple interface, supports P.C. clocking and multiple clocking terminal options, card swipes & fobs, real time display and password protection.

We handle:

  • Supply of systems
  • Installation of hardware and monitoring software
  • Maintenance
  • Card Swipes and fobs

Structured Cabling

Our complete solutions support and voice and data application and are easily upgradable as technology evolves.

We address your communications needs and tailor them to your specific demands.

We will:

  • Assess your needs depending on the number of employees
  • Design the infrastructure
  • Install
  • Maintain
  • Provide support